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Premier International Risk Management

Premier International Risk Management (PIRM) is a newly formed international Risk Management Company. The former co-owner of NRMC Nakheel Risk Management established PIRM with the purpose to provide risk management services to the international communities operating in Afghanistan. Premier International Risk Management (PIRM) is an expat owned, USA and Afghanistan registered company.

PIRM pride itself on ethical service delivery and compliance with both US and host nation laws, and we are legally and ethically bound to work within these constraints. With this in mind we pride ourselves to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers at all times. PIRM took over all the expat and local national management staff and contracts from NRMC.

PIRM is able to respond to the changing project security requirements by mobilizing and managing security assets at short notice when requested. With this ability we intend to provide a high quality service to any new client.

PIRM management is active members of the Overseas Advisory Security Council (OSAC). PIRM management’s experience and expertise in security risk management throughout Afghanistan has been proven to be the client’s choice on several demanding risk management projects through commercial entities as well as our work with Implementing Partners of USAID.

Our management personnel have been involved in security and training in various African countries and the Middle East with over 80 years of security and training experience Premier International Risk Management is an international Risk Management company registered in Afghanistan and The United States Of America

Dedication, determination, experience and unsurpassed quality of service have ensured that the management is internationally recognized in the Security Service and training industry.

As a specialized security risk management company, Premier International Risk Management offers highly trained professional risk consultants with extensive austere environment experience, unparalleled knowledge and innovative solutions to every project. Whether the project is large or small in scale or even single-disciplined in scope PIRM approaches every opportunity with the same level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.