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Assest management and tracking

Our company Hybrid Tracking Systems (HTS) has developed its own dual mode communication (Iridium & GSM) tracking system which unparalleled global tracking ability worldwide. The system can be deployed with individuals, vehicles, aircraft, vessels or any other situations requiring constant monitoring and tracking of an asset by means of any Internet connected PC/tablet/smartphone.

This proprietary product, HTS is a web based, handheld personal / vehicle tracking solution with panic button and 10 second ping rate that gives global access and coverage as a total package of risk mitigation to our clients while setting the standard for crisis management.

We offer our proprietary product HTS to monitor movements from the SIOC at our HQ in Kabul as well as from the project operations centre. This tracking capability is offered to our clients at a considerably lower cost than the current tracking options being used. This service is currently being used at the USAID IESC/ABADE as well as on the AAEP II project in Kabul.